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Meet and Greet

Normally a member of the committee will be in attendance to meet and greet our customers at 2pm on the date your booking starts. 

This allows us to show you around the fishery and answer any questions you may have. Therefore, please inform us if you plan on arriving later.

The lake will be bailiff daily throughout the duration of your stay. During the visit random rig and bait checks will be carried out. 

Abusive behaviour and swearing will NOT be tolerated and we reserve the right to ask individuals or entire groups to leave at any time.

The NFM committee have drawn up the following rules which have been designed to protect the fish stock and surrounding property.

Please familiarise yourself with and observe these rules as they will be enforced. If you violate any rules, NFM reserves the right to terminate your booking, or otherwise deal with you as is considered appropriate.

NFM reserves the right to add to and/or amend the rules from time to time. 


  1. You will not be permitted to enter the fishery until 2pm on the start date of your booking and you must have left the premises by 11am on the end date of your booking.
  2. Only anglers who are booked on and any authorised visitors may enter the property. 
  3. NFM reserve the right to close the fishery without warning in order to protect the welfare of the stock or to carry out any necessary/emergency work to the fishery. It may be necessary to temporarily close the fishery entirely or just individual swims. Any bookings effected by such closure will be notified at the earliest opportunity.
  4. The gates into the lane and the fishery must be closed and locked immediately after entry or exit.
  5. In consultation with local residents and the landlord, anglers will not be permitted to enter the lake before 7am or leave the lake after 10pm. The only time anglers can leave the lake in between these times is in the case of an emergency.
  6. While on the property vehicles must be driven carefully and quietly, and must be parked considerately in the car park provided.
  7. Persons must stay within the boundary of the fishery and not enter the surrounding woodland or fields.
  8. To help mitigate the risk of spreading disease, no landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings or retainers are to be brought onto the fishery. Anglers must use the landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings/retainers provided by NFM. Equipment provided by NFM must not be taken off the fishery. The party leader will be charged for any missing items.
  9. Fish care is our number one priority.
    Fish must be transported in landing nets (provided) from the water to the unhooking mat (provided) and returned to the water in a secure weigh sling/retainer (provided).
    Keep fish wet during photography sessions.
    Use a recognised, branded wound antibiotic agent on hook holes and any other external wounds, lesions or sores.
    When weighing fish, use the provided weigh sling/retainer.
    Ensure you have a wetted weigh sling, zero adjusted scales, forceps, water bucket, cameras, wound dressing agent, etc. ready to use in your swim before lifting a fish from the water.
  10. Rigs
    Leads must easily discharge from rigs, or if a ‘Helicopter’ or ‘Chod style’ rig is used, the hook link must easily slide off the tubing in the event of a breakage.
    Rigs will be randomly checked by bailiffs. Anyone refusing to show/bring in their rod to show a bailiff will be asked to leave the fishery immediately.
    The Magic Twig is banned.
  11. No swims may be altered without the consent of NFM. No bankside vegetation may be damaged other than by authorised cutting and trimming.
  12. There is a three-rod per angler limit.
  13. Fishing, other than stalking, is only permitted from recognised swims.
  14. Fishing in any area deemed to be out of bounds and marked or designated accordingly is prohibited.
  15. No angler's rods shall be left unattended at any time.
  16. It is the responsibility of any person fishing a swim to ensure that the swim and surrounding area is kept free of litter. All litter MUST be taken away with you.
  17. Swimming and wading in the lake is forbidden under any circumstances.
  18. The rowing boat can only be use for emergencies. Only two people will be allowed in the boat at any one time. Anyone using the boat must wear a buoyancy jacket which will be provided by NFM.
  19. Bait boats should only be used within the natural boundaries of the swim you are fishing from.
  20. The use of nuts as baits, hook baits or in loose feed is banned. Tiger nuts can be used as hook bait only.  
  21. In the right conditions, carp can be retained in the provided floating retainer slings for a maximum of 2 hours.
  22. No guns, crossbows or weapons of any kind are allowed on the property. Any knives carried must be suitable fishing equipment or eating utensils.
  23. STRICTLY no drugs or heavy drinking.
  24. No fires must be lit on the property. Barbeques are permitted but must be off the ground. Hot coals must be distinguished after use before being disposed of.
  25. A toilet is provided on site. Please respect it and leave exactly how you would like to find it. Any Issues with it please let the Bailiff know so we can get it sorted.
  26. Anglers must not introduce into the lake from any other water any fish (dead or Alive) or spawn, including fish intended to be used as dead or live bait.
  27. No spinning or lure fishing.
  28. No fish to be taken removed from the fishery.
  29. Any person fishing the water must hold a current EA Trout and Course fishing licence (for the appropriate number of rods), and must comply with the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act, and the by-laws in force for the area (https://get-fishing-licence.service.gov.uk/buy/name).
  30. NFM reserve the right to examine any vehicle on or leaving the property to ensure that fish and/or equipment is not being removed, transferred illegally, or stolen. Any person found attempting to remove fish and/or our equipment from Hook Lake shall be reported to the police and will face prosecution.
  31. Any damaged, diseased or dead fish must be reported to NFM immediately.
  32. No Dogs.
  33. Persons using the fishery do so at their own risk. Northaw Fisheries Management, its committee or employees cannot be held responsible for any accident and/or injury to anglers or their possessions (including vehicles), however caused whilst on the premises. It is the angler's responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers before fishing.