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The '26'

Back in the early to mid 80’s there were two known fish that weighed in at around 26lb and for some reason they would often be caught from underneath the overhanging bush to the left of this swim, hence the reason it was named the ‘26’.

It’s also a suntrap, probably the only swim on the lake that really get the sun as there are no trees overhead, unlike every other swim on the lake so if you like to get a tan whilst fishing, this is the swim for you.

It’s also a very good swim for surface fishing. From this swim you can watch the main body of the lake and the breeze that often comes from behind across the field helps move your mixers out into the area that the carp cruise around in during the warm summer months. Wait for the trigger fish to start feeding before casting a bait into the free offerings and you’ll be in with a good chance of having a surface caught carp.

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