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   The Swims of Hook Lake

Hook Lake Swims Rambo's Swim Right Zink Left Zink The Cave Swim The '26' Swim Oak Tree Swim Car Park Swim One Up Swim Two Up Swim Pads Swim Stan's Swim Stump Swim Pines Swim The Boat House Swim Cliff Swim All Alone Swim There are 16 recognised swims on Hook Lake which are all large enough to hose a bivvy with many of them easily big enough for a two man bivvy.

As the lake is rarely busy, traditionally most fishing is carried out by setting up in swims on the woods side of the lake (the swims on the left of the fishery map) and casting across the lake to the margins of the swims on the field side (the swims on the right of the map).

By fishing in this way bank side noise can be kept to a minimum along the margins you are actually fishing. Of course anglers wishing to fish from the field side are perfectly at liberty to do so and when members are fishing opposite one another the 'half way' rule apples.

All of the swims on the fishery have their own little hot spots which once you've worked out where they are, make what may have initially been a difficult fishery, become a lot easier.

Interactive Fishery Map

By clicking on the 'swims' on the interactive map (to the left) you can find out more information about each swim as well as view photos and videos of the swim.

Fishery Rules

Click here to see the fishery rules.

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